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Family reunion 2017

Nanu, Sanu and Babu

These are pictures with my in-laws while they visited us on March-April 2017.

San Francisco Zoo

On a Saturday afternoon, Ellen and Erin visited San Francisco zoo for the first time. This was their second zoo visit, their first being Oakland Zoo, about a year ago. They were not able to see bunny, zebra and elephant on their list but able to see all other wild animals. They seemed pretty happy […]

#FremontKite Festival 2016

Our visit to Fremont Lake Elizabeth park during Kids ‘n Kites Festival 2016.

Ellen and Erin in Kathmandu, Nepal

Here are some of Ellen and Erin’s photos that were taken by Reji, during their visit to Kathmandu, Nepal. These were taken during April – May 2015.

Huntinton Beach, LA

Some pictures of Reji and I when we visited Huntington beach in Los Angeles for a weekend in 2012.

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